Pines Fell is equipped with a basic kitchen within the cottage premises with limited cooking facilities which include stove, fridge, plates, cups, cutlery, serving dishes, kettle and water purifier.  

Guests can dine either in the comfort of their own private dining room or can be served in the lawns or the open-air terrace offering panoramic views of the majestic snow capped Himalayan Mountains.

We provide multi-option dining facility for our guests. Kindly mention the option being availed at the time of reservations.

Option I: Your Own Cook, Your Own Food

The guests on availing this option can bring their own rations and be accompanied by their own domestic help*, who in that case does all the cooking and cleaning. Charges for usage of kitchen facilities under Option I are included in the tariff.

Pines Fell understands that holidays are all about relaxing in the comfort of loved ones and for many guests, travelling long hours procuring rations locally is cumbersome. If you would like us to procure your rations** before your arrival, please do let us know.

Option II: Your Food, Our cook

Under Option II, the guests can avail the services of a local cook** and can bring their own rations or request us for procurement before arrival. Guests availing this option will be charged on per day basis for the cook.

Option III: A Picnic in the Forest

If the guests wish to have a memorable picnic in the numerous meadows and forests surrounding Pines Fell, the same can be arranged**.

Option IV

Pines Fell supports eco-tourism policies and is committed to ensuring sustainable livelihoods within its premises and the immediate environs. Guests willing to support local livelihoods and relishing locally produced organic food cooked on fire burnt stoves can request for meals in authentic village houses. For availing this option, the guests are requested to provide us with at least a days notice. The charges for each meal per person** are to be directly paid by the guest to the villagers and differ for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

The Pines Fell Vendor Partnership

During your stay with us, we will only be glad to fulfill your specific needs pertaining to food, vegetables, local sightseeing and travel. In that regard, we have identified several dependable vendors, the details of whom are available with our staff.

*Extra boarding charges apply.

**Charges applicable.