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Check in – 1400 Hours

Early arrival is subject to availability. For guaranteed early check-in, reservation needs to be made starting from the previous night.

Check out – 1200 Hours

Late checkouts are available on request and subject to availability.

Right of admission to Pines Fell is reserved. Pines Fell reserves the right to cancel any reservation or disallow admission if it deems fit.

NOTE: Only the actual numbers of people who have confirmed their booking can stay at Pines Fell. The guests are advised that accommodation for their visitors will be charged extra.

ALSO NOTE: The guests are advised not to entertain their visitors at Pines Fell, failing which their reservation can be cancelled with 100 per cent retention.


A recent Government notification requires guests to present proof of identity at the time of check in. Guests are requested to carry with them the required document during their travel.

Guests from nationalities, other than India, must get in touch with their travel agents/local Government authorities for documentation required/local restrictions. Pines Fell will not check-in foreign nationals without valid passport and visa documents.


Pines Fell will charge 100 per cent retention on the reserved room rate if guest’s reconfigure their departure dates.


All bookings must be guaranteed at time of reservation by direct transfers to Pines Fell (contact us for account details) or Travel Agency. Pines Fell does not accept any cheaque, credit/debit card or instruments of credit.


All payments must be made in Indian rupees. No other currency is accepted and neither are credit/debit cards, cheaques or instruments of credit.


Pines Fell is child friendly and accepts reservations for children of all ages. However, it is located in the heart of the Himalayas amidst mountainous terrain and forests. Guests are therefore advised to take care of their children’s safety and also their special needs. The Pines Fell does not assume responsibility of the same or of any nature arising thereof.


Effective 2nd October 2008, the Government has introduced a ‘No-Smoking’ legislation for hotels, restaurants and all public places. As a consequence, smoking is prohibited in all parts of Pines Fell except in designated smoking rooms.


Pines Fell is one of the few cottage properties around Shimla, which provides gated parking. The parking is provided free of charge. However, if the guests are accompanied with vehicles, more than which can be accomodated within the gated premises Pines Fell cannot be held liable for any loss whatsoever. Also, the management does not take any responsibility of the vehicles parked within the gated premises and will not be held liable for any loss arising out of any theft or any other calamity. 


At Pines Fell we welcome our four-legged guests. While booking your stay, directly or through your travel agent, ask us to add your pet to the reservation.

To keep our guests happy, including those who are not travelling with four-legged friends, some restrictions apply. Guests are advised to request Pines Fell for our pet policies, guidelines and applicable fees.

1. Kindly contact us prior to making your reservations on the type, quantity and weight of pets that are allowed at Pines Fell;

2. Guests accompanied by pets will be provided with Pines Fell pet policy prior to their arrival and the same will be deemed accepted upon confirmation of booking;

3. Pets must comply with local legislation requirements;

4. Generally, pets weighing less than 90 pounds/40 kilograms are welcome;

5. Pines Fell advises the guest’s to ensure that their pets are not aggressive, are clean and do not have fleas and parasites;

6. Proper medical certification specifying that all vaccinations are up to date must be made available upon request;

7. To help cover the furry cleanup a non-refundable fee will be charged to the guest’s account upon check-in based on the length of the stay. Guests are advised to contact us or their travel agents for the same;

8. Guests will be provided with a ‘Pet-in-Suite’ badging upon check-in, which must be displayed outside their rooms at all times for the benefit of others not travelling with their pets;

9. Service animals accompanying differently abled persons are always accepted;

10. Pines Fell does not provide any specialized living areas/pet carriers/leashes/utensils/linen/pet food. The guests are advised to make all such suitable arrangements;

11. The pets are not allowed to rest on Pines Fell furniture;

12. The pets under no circumstances may be given a bath in the bathrooms;

13. Though, Pines Fell welcomes pets, it also accords highest priority to the quality and housekeeping of its rooms and premises. The guests are expected to ensure that their pet is clean before letting it enter the rooms;

14. Guests are responsible for any damages to the property, rooms and their contents. The guest’s rooms will be inspected for such damages prior to checkout. If extensive cleaning or damage repair is necessary beyond the normal deep cleaning process, the guest may be charged additional fees. Pines Fell reserves the right to charge guest’s account commensurate to the costs of such damages;

15. Pet may be left unattended in your room. However, if you leave the premises with your pet unattended, the pet must be in a pet carrier while you are gone. There is no facility of pet-sitter at Pines Fell;

16. Pets must be on a controllable leash at all times when outside the guest room;

17. Guests must walk their pets in designated walk areas and are responsible for picking up after their pet in and around Pines Fell;

18. Noise/Disruptive Complaints – barking and noise that is disruptive to other guests at Pines fell is not acceptable. Upon receipt of two (2) such complaints, the guest may be asked to make alternate arrangements for their pet;

19. Housekeeping Service – the pet must be removed from the suite prior to the scheduled housekeeping service or other arrangements must be made with the Pines Fell management;

20. Pines Fell accepts no responsibility for any harm/injury to the guest’s pet during their stay with us. Correspondingly, any damage or harm/injury to other guests or their pets or any financial or legal obligations thereupon will be the sole responsibility of the pet owners; and

21. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pines Fell, its owners, operators and staff from all liability and damage suffered as a result of the guest’s pet.


Breakfast: 7 AM – 10 AM

Lunch: 1 PM – 3 PM

Tea: 4 PM – 5 PM

Dinner: 7 PM – 10 PM

The above timings are to be strictly adhered to. Please be advised that the Pines Fell staff will not entertain requests for meals beyond these timings. 

NOTE: The charges for the cook include provision of three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner plus one time tea exclusive of snacks). Guests wishing to avail the services of cook beyond these will be charged extra.

ALSO NOTE: The cook and the housekeeping will only provide their services to the number of guests that have made reservations. Under no circumstances will they cook or provide any services to people visiting guests at Pines Fell.


For the benefit of our guests, we at Pines Fell have identified several dependable vendors for food and vegetables and local sightseeing and travel. The details of these vendors are available with our staff. In case you need to use such services, we will be happy to help.


We at Pines Fell understand what holidays are made of and promise our guests our utmost in maintaining highest standards of hospitality and housekeeping. We are committed to a long-term relationship with our guests and foremost in that regard is our obligation to accountability. Please feel free to ask us for any information regarding Pines Fell and you will not find us wanting. We neither provide our guests with unsubstantiated advice nor are we inventive.

When you make a reservation at Pines Fell we guarantee you that you will not find a similar property in and around Shimla. Whether you are looking for absolute privacy, or searching for inner peace, or are a nature lover, or just want some time to yourself to read that long unfinished novel, or are nostalgic of a hand held forest walk with your loved one, Pines Fell is a one stop destination.

At Pines Fell you get personalized attention. It has been handcrafted with attention to minute details weaved in a mosaic of timelessness and emotions. The location itself is unparalleled in an ever-expanding concrete jungle that Shimla has become. Ideally located and equidistant from almost all must visit places surrounding Shimla Hills; it is reminiscent of an era bygone. When you arrive at Pines Fell, you just don’t get a cottage to while away your time; you arrive to courtesy, thoughtfulness and responsiveness – not just of treatment but also of selection.